Dental Implants — Frequently Asked Questions

Are dental implants widely used?

Several million patients world-wide can already testify to the benefits of tooth replacement with dental implants. Implant treatment is recognized as a proven alternative to traditional methods of tooth replacement due to the inherent disadvantages of bridges, partials and dentures. Most dentists now consider implant treatment the preferred method of tooth replacement.

What are consequences of tooth loss?

Throughout the course of life, teeth are lost for many reasons, including cavities, gum disease, cracked roots and accidents. When a tooth is lost, the bone that previously surrounded the tooth root deteriorates, or melts away. This process is similar to the muscle wastage that occurs from lack of use. Missing teeth can compromise your eating habits, speech and appearance.

Tooth loss in the front of your mouth can result in a visible defect in the bone that is difficult to camouflage, affecting the appearance of your smile, and your self-confidence. Missing teeth in the back of your mouth lead to collapse of your bite, affecting the appearance of your face, your ability to eat, and the health of the remaining teeth. Complete tooth loss results in facial structure collapse as the jaw(s) deteriorate over time.

How long have dental implants been in use?

Implants have been in use for over 50 years and on a regular basis for 20 years and have always been subject to the strictest quality controls in research, development, and manufacturing. Why consider anything less for the restoration of your oral health.