Dental Implant Procedures

The Procedure

A gentle surgical procedure is used to place the implants in the jawbone. The implants remain undisturbed for a period of usually 6 weeks (in healthy patients with good bone quality and quantity), while the bone remodels around them, forming a strong biological bond, similar to the bone between your natural tooth roots and jawbone.

There is usually no need for a second surgical procedure with the Straumann implant. This is more comfortable for you and much easier on the delicate gum tissue surrounding your implant supported replacement teeth. Once the bone has re-modelled around the implants and the foundation is stable, a small connector is attached to them.

Your new replacement teeth, which will be custom made with both functional and cosmetic needs in mind, will be firmly attached to the connector. Fabricating your new teeth involves one or more appointments to ensure proper size, shape, colour, and fit.

Why consider anything less for the restoration of your oral health?

Conscientious oral hygiene and regular check-ups with your dentist are important for long-term success.

Several million patients world-wide can already report on the benefits of implant-supported tooth replacement. Implants are increasingly recognised as the preferred method of tooth replacement and spare patients many of the disadvantages associated with traditional false teeth. With conscientious care, dental implants will give you the best functional and aesthetic result for many years.

Straumann® dental implants have been in use for nearly 30 years, and they have been subject to the strictest quality controls in research, development and manufacture from the start.